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How Marijuana Can be Used as a Medicine- An Argument

Marijuana, specially the candyland strain, as a medicine for the chronically and critically ill has been a topic for debates over many years. It should be noted that the marijuana-prohibition happened because some sectors of the country acted against its legalization, and it is not even due to facts.

Medical records have shown that there is indeed a medical usage for marijuana specially towards people who are suffering from cancer. Marijuana helps the patient get better from the nausea after their chemotherapy, and even with the cancer itself. Marijuana also helps in the survival of patients who have AIDS since it improves their appetite for food. People who have chronic pain, muscle spasms, anxiety, and depression were also able to found relief in using marijuana.

One wonders why despite of all the proof behind marijuana’s medicinal use, there are still those who see it negatively. Some sectors of the society, like the pharmaceutical companies, would lose a lot of sales and impact if marijuana becomes legal. Most people would associate marijuana with a substance-abusing person who gets high in using it. The typical idea they have on marijuana does not happen to be as a form of medicine healing the breast-cancer of a woman. People in the office make use of people’s unawareness of medicinal marijuana as a leverage for them to sway the public in believing that marijuana is dangerous to their kids, for them to gain support in their political career. To prevent the loss of sales, pharmaceutical companies fund the activities of government officials who are at the opposition of the medicinal marijuana laws.

There are also those who ask what is dabbing, and why would someone smoke marijuana when you can just drink some medicine to deal with the illness. This question, however, is not helpful at all. To prefer to use this prescribed drugs is a mistake due to the fact that an over dosage on these would result to serious health sequences and even death. Having said that, these medicines are even more harmful and even more addictive than marijuana. Basically, these prescribed drugs are the equivalents of heroin, cocaine, and oxytocin. Hopefully, this would change your mind on the medicinal marijuana debate. Marijuana works better than the prescribed synthetic medicines available in the market. When marijuana is made legal, people would spend less in their medication and they would have a medicine that is natural and safer. The medicinal marijuana debate has always been political in nature and not based on facts. People of power and influence should learn more and put more value on marijuana to help people get a safer form of medicine for their illnesses.